Wednesday, July 30, 2008

wonderful news...

I just read a post by my missionary friend, whose family is trying to adopt their 4th/5th child, this time from Haiti. They had some devastating news the other day about an adoption grant that was not going to happen, which you could only imagine saddened them greatly, but they knew God would make a way. Now for the WONDERFUL news... they just received an answer from another adoption grant that they were also hoping would help with some of the expenses. The answer from them was yes!... not only yes, but yes PAID IN FULL!!!! I am so thrilled for them & so thankful for God's ways ALWAYS being better than we can ever imagine.

Why do we fail to see what great things God has for us in His plan... I guess it is just because we are human. I wonder if God ever chuckles over our turmoil in such small things that may come up in our lives???? (I am not saying by any means adoption is a small thing, but everything is a small thing for God to handle) Let's agree today to let Him handle the things of today... and then when tomorrow gets here the things of tomorrow... and so on and so on... OK?? good, glad we got that all worked out!!! *Ü*

Anyway, remember to pray for the Garcia family as they still have many obstacles with the Haitian govt. part of the adoption. You can check out her blog

I am going to Detroit Metro to pick up my cousin from California today so I will be getting in & out of Detroit as quickly as possible & for that I have...
a grateFUL HEART, carin

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pink said...

Such a cool story! :) Thanks for sharing that.