Friday, August 1, 2008

Yes, I am still at my parents... and having a good time (mostly)... I can tend to be a little obsessive compulsive about clutter & organization & my parents -- not so much... which after 5 days can start to wear on one a little... not sure if it is wearing on me more or am I wearing on them???? that is the question?????? *Ü* love you, Mom & Dad!!!

My mom & I have this thing with playing Scrabble ... whenever possible we try to get a game in... which isn't too often now that we live so far apart. Yesterday we played a game, it is Super Scrabble so it has more tiles & more places to play so a game can take hours... we also invited my mom's oldest sister to play with us (she needed to keep her mind busy yesterday). So here is the scenario -- me playing a 68 year old woman (my mom) & a 77 year old woman (my aunt)... may not sound like much of a competition, but they fought to the very end. I won, but my mom really creeped up close in the end. I don't believe in letting little kids win just because they are little & I don't believe in letting older people win just because they are older... OK, does that sound a little harsh???? What do you ever learn if someone lets you win???? By the way the last time Mom & I played was in May and she beat me!!!! Way to go Mom!

We had a gang here for supper -- 11 adults + 3 babies... I made spaghetti & fresh strawberry pie for dessert (yummy! thanks Ruth). The 3 babies belong to friends of our family... twin girls born in January 08 and another baby girl born in Oct. 07... they are so precious & very happy babies, but what a handful. How this couple ended up with 3 babies 3 months apart is a long, long, long story, but it is a story that has a happy ending! *Ü*

Here is a picture of the "happy ending" ... from the left is Skylar, Sarah & Sadie (Skylar & Sadie are the twins). They are so cute & they smell so good... you know that baby smell!

and today these are the things that give me a grateFUL HEART, carin

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pink said...

Oh my gosh........they are adorable!!!

And by the way......Scrabble and Rook were family games when I was growing up.......and I hate them both. I totally stink at them. ;) So I'd be an EASY win (for you that is)!!!