Tuesday, July 8, 2008

happy birthday to me!

I have had all kinds of birthday greetings already today... I am grateFUL for everyone of them, but now it is my turn to send a birthday thank-you to my mom & dad. Thank -you for having me... without you this day wouldn't have been possible *Ü*... I would still be in the circus (a family joke). Anyway, thanks for the life you gave me, for being the best parents you knew to be, and most importantly for raising me always in a Christian & Christ-centered home. You may not have been perfect parents, but you were perfect parents for me! (especially when you look at what you had to work with) *Ö* I love you both with all my heart!

Not too much exciting going on today... think I will do a little stamping. Oh, and the endless job hunt... I have a resume to send out today for a job in Cadillac. I also need to go to the Secretary of States office & give them my birthday gift to them... $ license plate tabs $ ... so glad I can share the wealth!?
with a grateFUL HEART on this my 43rd birthday, Carin

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