Thursday, July 10, 2008

sweet news on a summer's day

My mom called last night to tell us my cousin Kelly's water broke... she wasn't due until the end of August or first of September... she has been through so much to get pregnant... this little baby was so prayed for through the whole pregnancy, so we knew everything would be good. I just talked to my mom & Kelly had a 4lb. 7oz. baby boy at around 11:30 p.m. ~~ they are both doing good... my aunt says he is healthy. His name is Aidan Alexander Mitchell. Welcome to the family little Aidan! They live in California so we will have to wait for the first pictures. And congrats Brent & Kelly... you made it through, but I knew you would!

I had a great lunch with friends, Barb & Sharon, yesterday... they are such awesome friends & even more important such good sisters in Christ (sorry Deb couldn't make it). All of my friends I have up here are the best -- I am so blessed!

We are getting new neighbors moving in next door to us... where we lived in Bay Port we really never had any neighbors, so I get curious about people. No, I am not like Mrs. Kravitz (you know from Bewitched) but I do peek out the bedroom window to see what is going on... I need to get a job... I may turn into a stalker!!! *Ö* The neighborhood is safe so far!

I am actually going to do some stamping today with the new Stampin' Up sets I got for my birthday... thanks Na & Frank and Linds & T... plus my sister Chele gave me a gift certificate for Stampin' Up which of course I will save for the new catalog. *Ü*

Enough rambling & that my blogging buddies is something you can have a grateFUL HEART for, Carin


Anne Anderson said...

Ok so you need to have some binoculars for peeking out the windows at your neighbors.

Heather said...

Hey girl!
Happy belated Birthday!
Hopefully we catch up soon. Give me a call, we'll do lunch(and then maybe a little walk by the lake?)
Have a great day!


Renee said...

Glad you are finally fessing up to the weird things you do.
Love ya!

Oh and by the way you've been tagged. Visit my blog to get the details and what you need to do.