Friday, July 11, 2008

i've been tagged!

My sis Renee of
tagged me... since I am new to the blogging thing not really sure I can do it with the grace & elegance it deserves *Ü*. Oh, the pressure!!!!

7 random/weird facts about me (the weird is not hard for me):
1. I love "even" numbers, the only odd number I like is the number 5, because in my mind it is almost like an "even" number.
2. When I eat M&Ms I like to match up the colors & eat the same colors together (you know like 2 greens, 2 reds...) try to never mix colors.
3. I ate from a divided dish until I was 4 years old... I couldn't let foods touch... my mom used a tupperware relish dish, you know the small one, to feed me with.
4. I was born in Corona California & moved to Michigan when I was 10 months old.
5. I am a middle child (that could explain a lot!) -- one older sis & one younger sis.
6. I fell for my husband even before our first date, no I literally fell at a wedding reception & he caught me... I didn't even know him at that point.
7. I want to live my life in a way that will make a difference & my first step to that is to be grateFUL for the life God has given me & to share His love with others.

NOW comes the hard part, if I tag you don't feel like you need to do anything but just graciously accept it -- of course I couldn't do that because I have a little "OCD" going incase you couldn't tell.
1. Annette Stewart - she is a SU demonstrator & I just came across her blog -- I think maybe on SCS - her blog is really informative & it cheers me up.
2. Deann Oliver - she is also a SU demo & she is just very talented -- I love her inspirations.
3. Ruth Tacoma - she is a close friend & I love her to pieces, she does beautiful scrapbooks, but she doesn't put them on her blog -- why not Ruth?
4. Heather Watkins - she is also a friend & does scrapbooking, although I haven't seen a lot of her pages but I have seen her work her new phone really beautifully!
5. Ally Schilling - this is a blog I stop by every once in awhile, she is a sweet SU demo also.
6. Stephanie Garcia - this isn't a stamping or crafty blog but it is a blog worth reading, Stephanie is a friend who is a missionary in Chile & her family is on an adoption adventure... go to the blog & read her story... she is inspiring!

Well, I know that isn't 7 but it is the best I can do... I hope I'm not eliminated *Ö*
with a grateFUL HEART, carin

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Annette said...

Thank you so much for the tag. I am hoping that by the weekend I will be able to post it on my blog. I so appreciate all the kind comments you posted.
Love your blog!
Annette -