Tuesday, September 30, 2008

busy, busy, busy...

I can't believe it has been almost a week since I posted... it has been a very busy week & I'm not really sure it is going to get much better... time wise that is... life is good... all that I am busy with is also good things! I have no complaints... I am so blessed!

It has been a whirlwind week... starting last Wednesday night with our first service in our new church facility... wow! what a service & what a turnout... we are just so thankful for what the Lord is doing in our church & with the people we are coming in contact with... we have the chance to be part of seeing them come to Christ. Thursday evening we started our life group... it is a group for couples, called "Love Talk"... it is about learning how to communicate better with your spouse... I think it is going to be good & there are so many great couples that we will get to know better! Friday... I had an interview at a oral surgeon's office... I think it went good, but you never know???? so now I play the waiting game. Saturday... I had my SU party & along with that came my "company"... my mom & sister, Renee, stayed through today. Sunday was church & out for brunch. Monday... my sister & I went to the church early to frost 300 cupcakes for our Night Out For Ladies meeting... ok, to be perfectly honest, Renee frosted the cupcakes I just kept the decorating bags filled with frosting & I got to put the sprinkles on. (BTW we had 300 cupcakes frosted in 1 hour 3 minutes... she is speedy! Thanks Na!) Then last night was the ladies meeting ... it was awesome! I was a table hostess... I had some terrific ladies at my table... I felt so privileged to be a part of it all. My "company" left this afternoon & I feel a little let down with the rainy weather, but I know we still have a very busy Fall coming!

I can't believe tomorrow is October 1!!!!! Where does time go???? It has now been 5 months without a job, but I know that God is the only way we have made it through these 5 months... He will always be the only way... job or no job! Blessings to all, with a grateFUL HEART, carin

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"fruit" for the journey...

I have been working at getting the gift bags ready for "night out for ladies" at our church, which is on Monday... I did have mostly everything done, but there is always last minute tweaking to be done. I want these little gift bags to be a blessing to each lady that receives them... I believe if I am going to do something, I just can't do it half-way... which leads me to verses I want to share... Gal. 5:22-23 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.
I grew up with this passage being something I memorized early on… but I don’t ever think I really understood it… it was kind of “those are good things & I will strive for those,” ... I am realizing that it isn’t that I need to work those into my life but that I need to yield myself totally to Christ & all of these will be given to me through the Holy Spirit! This isn’t just a plan for living in “correctness”, but that these 9 graces (gifts) might be apparent in me.

Love, joy & peace – they are inner fruit; longsuffering, gentleness & goodness – they are the outward fruit; faith, meekness & temperance (self-control) – the fruits that are towards God. I now see that these are not all individual “fruits”, but by yielding to Christ that will allow the Holy Spirit to work all of these fruits through me & in me... kind of like a fruit basket! *Ü* (sorry bad humor) Not saying that is easy to do, especially if you might have "control issues" (I have really improved on that!!!)... just think though if you can give everything up to the One who rules the universe... what a relief would that be? Just a thought....

I am doing some post-it notes & I will try to post a pic later. But for now I am off to get some things done with a grateFUL HEART, carin

Monday, September 22, 2008

BIG blog candy... for a good cause

It has been a really busy day... but I wanted to tell you about this very important blog candy before I forget to do it. Over at Carolyn King's blog she is doing something awesome to bring recognition to Alzheimer's disease. Her efforts have turned into a BIG blog candy, plus it is helping others... here is the card I am sending to a caregiver. Take the time to check it out & do something nice for those hard working caregivers. Having people that will do that job is a reason to have a grateFUL HEART, carin

Sunday, September 21, 2008

blog candy...

Here is a cool blog that is giving away some candy... check it out... you may be a WINNER!

For a great weekend & an awesome Sunday...with a grateFUL HEART, carin

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Need more UMPH!

It is going to be a busy Saturday... mostly on the road... we get to take a day trip to Traverse City (TC to you local trolls) to go to Sam's Club & a couple other places... we use to go to TC at least once a month, but not so much this summer... things have been a little slower with my lack of job income (no, I am not whining!), but God is making a way. (Thank-You, Lord!)

I don't think there will be any stamping today... I am hoping to stop at Michael's maybe, maybe?? today. Not that I need anything... BTW I am having a Stampin Up party next Saturday at my house, just in case any of you want to drop by drop me a line, I need to save up for that, but it is always nice to look.

You may notice the link to the right here for "FireProof"... it looks like it is going to be an awesome movie... besides Kirk Cameron is still pretty cute... I digress... just think if all couples would work as hard on their marriage as they do on their careers... what would this world be like???? God has called all of us to put our ALL into everything that we do... our marriages shouldn't be any different. Great marriages, good marriages, troubled marriages can always use that extra umph from God... seek it and you will find it!!! Make a date with your spouse to see this movie together... date night & a message that could make your marriage better... what more could you want???

Well, I best get my butt movin' so I am ready to go when hubby gets home. And today, for all of you that are trying to do better... that is why I have a grateFUL HEART, carin

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My first swap card...

Ok, I know I said I would post my swap card yesterday & I heard from a couple of you because I didn't... I have been having trouble getting pics to upload... is it just me? I never had much trouble until a week or so ago... it really bugs me!!! Has anyone else had this problem?

Ruth, a friend of mine, (BTW Ruth is an excellent scrap booker, she could teach me a thing or two) asked if I wanted to be in a card swap... I have never done a swap before but I thought it might be fun... so here is the outcome of my creating:

I used card stock: Always Artichoke, Purely Pom., Cameo Coral, & Very Vanilla; same colors in the inks; SU set is Baroque Motifs and Reason to Smile. It has an offset opening (I don't really know if there is a technical term for that). I also used the Cuttle Bug to emboss... my mom let me borrow her CB to try out since I don't have one of my own... isn't she a good mom???

I did have fun doing it... what do you think about how it turned out?

We had a great church service last night... Wednesday evening services just keep bigger & bigger... last night was our last Wed. service in our old church building. It is bitter sweet... we are thrilled what is happening in the church & so excited to see what great things God has in store for northern Michigan, but at the same time sad to leave our familiar little "cocoon" we have been in. There are & will be awesome things happening once we move to the new building... if you want to see some of what is happening checkout Resurrection Life Church.

Time to get some chores done around here... chores?? I sound like I live on a farm!!! No farm just lots of cat hair to clean up! *Ü*

with a grateFUL HEART, carin

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Inspiration???? hope so...

I try to start my day off reading... I know that if I don't do it first thing when I get up it will not get done... well, today while reading in Isaiah these verses spoke to me about worship… I know God was talking to Israel, but I could see how this applied to me today & how willing I am to give my all to God in worship:
Isaiah 43:22-24 - "But you didn't pay a bit of attention to me, Jacob. You so quickly tired of me, Israel.You wouldn't even bring sheep for offerings in worship. You couldn't be bothered with sacrifices.It wasn't that I asked that much from you. I didn't expect expensive presents.But you didn't even do the minimum— so stingy with me, so closefisted.Yet you haven't been stingy with your sins. You've been plenty generous with them—and I'm fed up. (The Message)

Where it talks about “not being stingy with your sins”, how true is that? Doesn’t God deserve better than that from me??? I am learning to let go in worship & just bless God with surrendering to Him through my worship.

I know to some of you this may sound weird, but giving everything to God has made such a difference in my life. I am so thankful for that! How about you... what are your thoughts on this?

Ok, enough "sermon" for today... I have lots to do today... my list is made & I still need to check off a few tasks today... I would really like to scratch off everything on my list today! Hopefully, later today I will be able to post my cards I am doing for a swap!

Having a sunny day & the energy to accomplish what is set before me today is why I have a grateFUL HEART, carin

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I know it has been a few days since I have posted... there have been a couple reasons for that, one being that it has just been a few hectic days & the other... is why I have titled this post "remembering". Last Wednesday night when we were coming home from church my cell phone rang, which is very odd at that time of the evening... my family knows we are in church & they just don't call... it was my mom & the first thing she said is, "we have bad news." How many of you have heard those words & wonder what was to follow... 20million things go through your mind all at once. It was my Uncle Joel in California, he is my dad's oldest brother, he suddenly passed away that afternoon. He was in his 70's, which I am realizing as time goes by that is far from old. He has had many health problems in the last few years, but he has been pretty consistent in the way his health was... they figure he had a heart attack & was gone.

Now for the remembering part... last April my mom & dad & Luke & I went to CA to visit family. We were able to spend a few days with my Uncle Joel & Aunt Pat, which we had done in 2003 & 2005 also. Because they lived so far from us I never really had the chance to get to know them as I was growing up. Well, in the past 5 1/2 years I did get to know them better & I am so thankful for that. I am also thankful my hubby got to know them & that we both truly learned to love them... they weren't just "relatives that live in CA." I am thankful that we got to know each other & that I was able to experience that in my "grown up" life. I know this may not make sense to some of you, but it does make perfect sense in my brain! *Ü*

In this pic, my uncle is seated with my dad behind him & of course me... this is a priceless picture and today it is why I have a grateFUL heart, carin

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just sharing...

Hi all... I have had a very busy day, but I still wanted to share a few things with you.

I had a great time with my mom, sisters & niece yesterday... we went to a local orchard here in the Thumb called Leipprandt Orchards... they have a lot of really neat things to eat plus lots of gift items & of course the best apples. I picked up a peck of Honey Crisp apples, a jar of fudge sauce & some rhubarb jam... yummy! Wherever my family goes it is usually a "project" but we almost always have fun & no matter what it includes a lot of laughing!!

My sister, Renee, who is the SU demo had a party in the afternoon, which my mom was invited to so I went along & had a great time... she is so good at what she does. You should checkout her blog at Renee's Ramblings ... she has some really great cards & projects on there, not to mention, now you can order from SU online... just a little advertisement for her!!!

Also, another blog candy is on Carmen's blog... check it out!

I am heading home tomorrow & even though I have had a good time... I am ready to be back in my own home... plus my hubby will be home tomorrow too! It has been a little rough for me since I haven't talked to him since Saturday night... we talk everyday no matter what... I know I probably sound like a whiner, but I can't help it... I miss him! My mom has kept me very busy today & I am ready for a good nights sleep, so with that I will just say good night with a grateFUL HEART, carin *Ü*

Monday, September 8, 2008

Alert!!! blog candy

Here are a few blog candies I came across... don't eat too many, but enjoy there isn't too many calories : Busy Bees Craft Place; Jessis Kreativblog; Kreativ Kristin; and Stempelwerkstatt

It is a rainy day this morning in the "Thumb" of Michigan, hopefully it will get a little nicer, but I'm not complaining... too much to be thankful for... speaking of thankful, over on Verve they are launching some new stamp sets & they are giving away new sets in a random drawing & all you have to do is leave a comment of something you are thankful for today... how easy is that, just click the link above.

Today I want to say thank-you to all you who helped get me to 1000 hits on my blog since June and that gives me a grateFUL HEART, carin

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Great Sunday...

it was a great Sunday... my day started out with me getting up a little late... oops! When Luke isn't home I sometimes have a problem falling asleep... well once I did fall asleep I slept too good & you know the rest. I needed to be to church by 8:30 a.m... I was just a little late, but the service doesn't start 'til 9 anyway. It was an awesome worship service & a terrific message... our pastor started a series of sermons on Looking Through the Eyes of God... it is about finding God's vision for your life. It is only the 2nd week & it is so good... can't wait until next week!!! I get so excited to see what God has for me if I am just willing to follow. I can honestly say that I have not always felt this way... I have so much more passion for God then I ever have known... it is just so great the work He is doing in me & Luke too!

Once again I am in the Thumb staying with my parents for a couple days... it seemed like a good time to do this... no job, no husband, no problem (yeah right!). Going shopping or whatever with my 2 sisters & my mom & 1 niece tomorrow & dentist appointment on Tuesday... that is about it.

I miss my hubby dearly... sure he is fine... but still miss him! Being here with my family & safe travel is why today I have a grateFUL HEART, carin

Saturday, September 6, 2008

sorting out my saturday...

Good morning! I have been up & at it very early this morning... my hubby started tossing & turning bout 5 a.m. this morning... he was excited about leaving for his fishing trip to Canada & wanted to go into the office to tie up a few loose ends... so that meant I was awake & I decided to get up & bake some cookies for him to take with him. The guy he was going with must have been anticipating the trip also because he showed up an hour early. So...Luke is gone for a few days & I am on my own... oh & BTW, he took our camera with him so I will not be able to take any pics for a few days. I don't like it when he is gone... but I am glad he had the opportunity to go... they are going to a lodge in northern Ontario... it is one of those places where they have to fly from the mainland & land on the water... I don't really like that part of it, but then I am not the one that has to do it! *Ö*

I came across something important on Kelley Holland’s blog (Our Daily Bread Designs owner) regarding "blog candy" & about a dear friend of hers that is having a health issue & could use prayer... please check it out HERE

Since I don't have any "creations" to share with you this morning... I thought I would finish my post with a word about my hubby... he is such a good man... I love him so much!!! And today, like every other day, he is the reason for my grateFUL HEART, carin

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

birthday card challenge...

I know, I know, TWO posts in one day... I am on a roll... or else I just didn't want to do any housework today????? hmmm??? I did get some things done around the house, plus I need a special birthday card for my mom-in-law & there was also a birthday card challenge on http://www.ourcreativecorner6.blogspot.com/ so I am killing two birds with one stone... pardon the pun! *Ü* I was also trying the corner punch frame technique tutorial I saw on http://www.amazingpapergrace.com/ ... it is really cool but now I need to get some prettier corner punches!!!! So how did I do?

What I used: card stock is Natural White, Wild Wasabi, & Purely Pomegranate; SU DP is Holiday Harmony; some old SU sheer ribbon; and Stickles.
I have a grateFUL HEART for any of you that visit my blog ramblings, carin

back blogging...

Hi, I know it has been a few days... am I a little out of touch? Maybe. It was a busy & fun weekend/holiday! Spent lots of time with friends, which is a good thing... no better way to be busy!

I am once again doing a Mojo Madness challenge from http://poeticartistry.blogspot.com/ and here is my card... first I started searching for my mojo and eventually this is what I came up with: stamp set is SU Garden Collage; card stock is Really Rust, Kraft & Blue Bayou (textured card stock); DP is Western Sky; black ink; pastels; gold brads; and a faux crystal on the ribbon.

I think I like the way it turned out... what do you think? I have a couple other challenges I want to get to this week, maybe even today... yahoo!

Finally being able to blog today is one of the reasons why I have a grateFUL HEART, carin