Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Gratitude... Day 2

We are doing a message series at our church called, FEARLESS. Learning to live a life for Christ in a fearless way. It's a 6-week series, & each week we have a community group where a video leads us to go deeper into the message. I go to a women's Bible study on Tuesdays, plus my hubby & I are going to a couples one on Wednesday nights for these 6 weeks.

This week it is focusing on the fear of failure... so at yesterday's Bible study a question was raised about what do you see as your greatest success & what do you see as your greatest failure? I shared that I really couldn't think of a "great success." A couple of the ladies spoke up in disagreement of what I said. I know I have had success, but not what I consider "great success." It left me really thinking about that.

After group yesterday, my hubby & I were taking a walk, & I told him about the question posed, "What is your greatest success? And what is your greatest failure?" I told him what I shared about not feeling like I had a great success. This is what he said to me, "Could it be possible that your greatest failure & your greatest success could be a part of each other?"

Wow! I knew immediately what it was... one of my greatest failures was my first marriage, but without that failure, I would have never had my greatest success... my marriage to my wonderful husband, Luke!

This is what John Maxwell calls "failing forward."

So today I have great gratitude for the gift of a wonderful, God-honoring, loving husband. I cannot remember my life without him! He sticks with me through the good, the bad, the ugly, & menopausal ups & downs! He is my superhero! Thankful for him every day!

God is so good!

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