Monday, November 15, 2010

30 Days of grateFULness (day 20)

It is opening deer season here in Michigan today, so my hubby has the day off... yes, there are businesses that close in this neck of the woods for opening day!  So today I am grateFUL for the extra time I get to spend with my hubby on this Monday!  That is one of my favorite past-times! *Ü*

I also am trying to get back into tatting... here is a little sample of my beginning again with tatting.

I have a story to share with you too.  This time of the year reminds me of Luke’s time stationed in Oklahoma in ’91 for officer’s school. He left the first part of September and was gone for 5 months. I had my hair salon open at the time so there was no way I could go with him. After 5 weeks, I flew down to see him (my first flight ever) for a long weekend. Then 6 weeks later I flew down again to spend Thanksgiving with him… that time I went on Wednesday and came home on Monday. It was a great Thanksgiving, filled with many “firsts” including… the first time I wasn’t with my family for Thanksgiving and the first time having Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant. It didn’t matter where I was or what I ate… I was just so grateful to be with my hubby (we had only been married for 15 months at that time). The interesting part of that trip started on the flight home. I flew out of Oklahoma City to St. Louis with a 4 hour layover before flying onto Detroit. Four hours in an airport by myself… now remember this was before laptops and cell phones… 4 hours turned into 5 hours because of bad weather… finally after all that time I was on my way to Detroit City Airport. I was in the aisle seat and I was seated next to an older man in a suit who spent the flight reading a newspaper… I was very shy and didn’t speak much to strangers, plus I took Dramamine for air sickness so I was a little out of it. As we got close to Detroit, the pilot made an alarming announcement...

I didn't want today's post to be too long, so I will finish my story tomorrow... please "stay tuned".

with a grateFUL HEART, carin


ruth said...

All I can say are BAD. Very, very bad. ;)

Anonymous said...

Chuckle Chuckle - a spell binding saga ahead