Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to me...

It is my birthday today... it has been a fantastic day... I am sooooo blessed! My day started with my sweet, adorable hubby bringing me breakfast in bed... awwwww... isn't he so sweet! Then 3 of my phenomenal friends invited me for lunch... we ate "El fresco"... good food... good conversation... lots of laughs! Thanks Barb, Deb & Sharon! Then I got to spend the rest of the afternoon with another fabulous friend... making plans for our Stampin' Up party we are having together... eating ice cream... gabbing a little... ok a lot. Thanks Ruth! I love all you ladies! I had phone call birthday wishes from my parents & big sis. All kinds of birthday wishes from my facebook friends. Two ladies sang Happy Birthday to me tonight at church. Then we went to a Mexican restaurant for fried ice cream with more friends to end my day! See I told you I am blessed!

So to get to the card I made for myself... well, kind of, but I will be giving it to someone else. That is me... I am the angel! Do you see the resemblance???

It is past my bedtime... better wrap this up! Oh, BTW my hubby gave me a beautiful card that made me cry... he does that on purpose... he is disappointed if he gives me a card that doesn't make me cry. It is pretty easy since I am a cry-baby!

with a grateFUL HEART, carin

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Jane ... said...

Carin, belated happy birthday wishes, and I pray that your new year is packed full of God's rich blessings! What a sweet, caring DH you have! Does he provide the tissues?!