Saturday, August 2, 2008

what's in a title???

I just noticed this morning that I never put a title on yesterday's post... ooops! I guess it should have been "Fun? in the Thumb". Well, today will be a continuation of the "fun".

My parents & Luke & I went out for supper last night to a local place that is known for its fish fry on Friday nights... I wonder if Friday night fish fries are all over the country or is it just a Michigan thing??? Anyway, the place has a lot of character or is that characters??? It is an old hotel/saloon that has evolved over the years into a "family dining" establishment... although there are a lot of old patrons who don't really fit into the family dining pattern... um, my husband calls them "bar flies"... I am not so sure they might like that description. The food is good and let's face it... it is a good place to "watch people" which is one of my favorite pass times.

We are off to the 31st Annual Fish Sandwich Parade this morning... should be interesting as always... people will ask Luke & me why we bother to come home for such a small town thing, but we enjoy coming to the Thumb, if for no other reason that we get to see people that we use to see all the time when we lived here but now they get to tell us what is going on with them & how much they miss us *Ü*... it's always nice to be missed!

with a grateFUL HEART, carin

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