Saturday, August 16, 2008

simple saturday...

it is a simple Saturday... it has been a pretty laid back day... the kind of Saturday I love, but don't always tend to take. I was up early & went to Cadillac to pick up a few groceries... I was at Meijers by 8:00 -- yes, that is a.m.! I like going to the store early for a few reasons... first, it really doesn't matter what I look like, because anyone I know would not be grocery shopping at that time of day; secondly, there aren't very many people in the store; and thirdly, the workers in the store are so friendly... probably because they haven't had enough people tick them off yet. I was back home & groceries put away by 9:15!
I did a little pruning/dead-heading in the flower beds, not my favorite but it needs to be done. Luke only works 'til noon on Saturday so we ate lunch, he mowed lawn & then it was time for a nap!!! Yes, a nap, I know people say naps are for little kids & old people... you can put me in what ever category you want to, but I love my naps on Saturday & usually on Sunday afternoons.
I have not posted in a couple days & I have felt a little lazy in the paper craft department... after supper I tried to put a card together... I think it turned out ok... it looks almost a little Asian inspired to me... what do you think... I know the picture isn't the best, but the metallic piece in the middle really gives off a glare. Anyway, it fits on this simple Saturday.

Busy day tomorrow at church... looking forward to see what God might have for me & what I can do for Him.

with a grateFUL HEART, carin

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Michelle said...

I am SO with you on the Sunday nap time! LOL! I'm there too! I think my body even knows it as I get unusually tired at about 2:00 - don't even have to look at my clock anymore! LOL! Great blog and projects too!