Saturday, August 30, 2008

Friends... time well spent!

My hubby & I have spent the last couple evenings with some good friends... last night we had dinner with 2 couples from church that have become really close friends. You know the kind of people you can be yourself around & it doesn't scare them away... you know what I'm talking about! We had a great meal & then we played "Skipbo"... that is a card game in case you didn't know that... in it you play teams of 3 against 3... we had a good time & lots of laughs in spite of that.

Tonight we had another couple over for supper that have become really good friends to us... Bill & Barb. Bill showed up with a flower for me... this is the second time he has given me a flower... he gave me a Lily at Easter & tonight he brought me this flower... you have to see it to believe it, so because of that I had to take a picture of Bill & Barb with the flower.

It is a gigantic sunflower... it almost looks like it is fake, but it's real... they said it was about 12 feet tall & he cut it just for me. We had a good laugh over that... I said it looked like it was a man eating flower. We had a good time with them & we are so thankful for their friendship. Thanks Bill for the flower!!! *Ü*

So tonight my friends are why I have a grateFUL HEART, carin


JAR said...

What fun times! That is one huge sunflower!

Anonymous said...

HI There,
Our computer has been on the blink for a couple days, so I have not been able to get at my email.
What a surprise to see a picture with me in
Thank you so much for the delicious meal that we shared together, but more for the friendship that we share.
We had a blessed time as always!
Hope the rest of your holiday is filled with good things.
See you at church!
Love Ya, Barb

Anonymous said...

Hi Carin. We are back after a great week-end at Bethany's. We went to the Indianapolis Zoo on Saturday - it is an awesome zoo. My birthday was: church - out to dinner - birthday shopping - and going to the pool. We got home today about 6:00. We are pooped. Sounds like you had a great week-end. Who did you do dinner with besides the Bigler's. See you Wednesday - Sharon