Thursday, August 21, 2008

"carin's big adventure..."

I did something today that in all my 43 years I have never done before... in fact something that I said I would never do... but I did & I'm glad I did... although I am tired & my shoulders are sore... I am still glad. What is this thing that I would call my "big adventure"? I went kayaking on the Manistee River. You may think why is that such a big deal? Let me back up & tell you a couple things about me... I am not what you would consider an outdoorsy kind of person, and I have somewhat of a fear of drowning... although my fear has to do with a car in water, but a kayak is a sort of transportation (stay with me this all makes sense in my mind!).

A friend of Luke's has been trying to get me to go kayaking for awhile now... he says we have so many nice lakes where we live & he wants for us to go kayaking & take advantage of the beauty... my answer has always been, "I don't think so, but thanks anyway". Well, last night at church a friend of mine asked me to go kayaking with her today... I gave her the same answer, "I don't think so, but thanks anyway". She kept talking & finally wore me down & I agreed to try it, and if I changed my mind she said that was ok she would not force me. I don't mind being prodded, but I hate to be pressured & she didn't pressure me. She was right we had such a good time! It was so beautiful & peaceful! What a chance to just see God's beautiful creation in such a serene setting. I feel so blessed that JoAnn asked me & even that she did a little coaxing, otherwise I would have missed out on the adventure. She took some pictures & when she emails them to me I will post one to prove to some of you that I actually did it! This may all sound silly to some of you, but for me this is one of the reasons today I have a grateFUL HEART, carin


Heather said...

I love that you stepped out of your box!! YAY!!!

Hope you have a great weekend and we'll see you Sunday!!!

Carolyn Bounds said...

I am happy to hear that you had such a glorious experience. Sounds like Joann is a wonderful person ans friend:) I look forward to seeing pictures of your adventurous day.

Just wanted to stop by and congratulate you for being one of Allison's "Newly Discovered" on her blog, "Stampin' When I Can" ( I am glad she led me to your blog. You have some beautiful cards!