Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Anniversary... (day late-dollar short)

Ok, I know it may be a day late (our anniversary was yesterday-11th), but I was so busy yesterday... the day came & went & I never did get this posted... I have been receiving a little grief from a couple people about not posting since Thursday... anyway, with that all out of the way I will get to a post for my loving hubby on this our 18th anniversary... (I am going to get mushy now so if you don't want to see that you better skip this part!)
In so many ways it seems like we have been together forever... I don't remember my life without you, but there is still that moment everyday that seems like it is all new... I still "twitterpate" when I see you come in the driveway or just come in to a room and I pray that feeling never ends. God gave me more than I could imagine when He brought you into my life and I thank Him for you everyday! I couldn't have done any better than you... or is that you were the best I could do? (wink) I love you with all my heart, my sweet, sweet Luke.
Ok, now anyone that had to turn away from all that lovey stuff can read on... let me explain about this picture ... my cousin from CA that stayed with us for a couple days wanted a picture of us with our cats... the cats were all on the bed so she said let's just take it there, so no we don't normally take pics of ourselves on the bed! *Ü* Aren't the kitties cute? and I guess we don't look too bad either. Thanks for sharing this moment in the life & times of me...
with a grateFUL HEART, carin


Heather said...

Happy Anniversary guys! You look so cute(and thanks for clearing up how you don't take pics of the two of you on your bed! I appreciate it!)

I hope you had a great night, and thanks Luke for cooking for us on your anniversary!!
Hugs to you!

pink said...

What a cute photo! Happy Anniversary you two! Just goes to show how awesome you guys are....serving other people on your big day. May God bless you with many, many more! :)

stephanie garcia said...

What a great picture! Happy Anniversary to you both!!