Thursday, November 6, 2008

simple bookmarks...

It has been a busy week & it isn't over with yet... but it is a good busy for the most part... only small doses of housework. I have been volunteering as receptionist at our church on Thursdays... it is a good thing... it is what I love doing & besides it makes me feel useful... feeling useful is also a good thing... am I sounding like Martha Stewart? *Ü* My hubby & I have "small group" for church tonight & tomorrow night we start taking dance class again... ok, don't laugh too hard... it is line dancing, swing dancing & all that stuff... we took a couple classes last winter & we both really enjoyed it, but what a workout... hope I can keep up!
Anyway, I have been working on a couple projects that I have to do in multiples... so here are some bookmarks I have been doing... I just got this Ps. 37:4 stamp from Verve & I really like it, but it is my first time using acrylic stamps... still getting use to it. Love that verse! What do you think? It is very simple because I need to do so many... but I think it turned out ok.
Will get to more stamping... hopefully tomorrow... with a grateFUL HEART, carin


Anonymous said...

Hey Sweets,
We love seeing your smiling face at church on Thurs. Sorry I don't get to spend much time with you, but have to get that cleaning done.
I think the bookmarks are wonderful, just like everything that you create.
Hope you learn lots of fancy footwork tomorrow nite. We have a wedding to go to, but Pastor Bill is not into learning dancing.................
We will see you this weekend at church. Be Blessed, Love Ya, Barb

Anonymous said...

I love these. I would like to buy a few - are you willing to make and sell? Sharon