Wednesday, November 12, 2008

look out Chicago...

here we come... yes, I am heading to Chicago for an over-nite shopping trip with a group of ladies from my church... we are taking a chartered bus & we head out tomorrow morning at 5 a.m.... YES... I said 5 A.M.!!!! I am sleepy just thinking about it... but I am really excited... I have never been to Chicago... unless landing at the airport or driving through as fast as possible to get away from the traffic counts! We will be in downtown Chicago for most of the day tomorrow... we are staying in Schaumburg & then going to Woodfield Mall & Ikea on Friday. I really don't have any mullah to spend but I am going just for the fun & fellowship... oh yeah, and my two sisters are coming up to go with me... so it will be a "sista thing"... hopefully no fights breakout & no one is arrested... just kiddin'???? *Ü* No, it will be great! My sister, Michele (we call her Chele) works like a dog at a day spa & she rarely takes any time off... so I want this to be good for her & my other sis, Renee (we call her Na) too!

Well, got to go... with a grateFUL HEART, carin