Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's me... I'm still here...

Once again I have not been good about posting... I have been keeping up with everyone else's blogs but not my own. So, my hubby & I went to Boyne Mountain for a couple days the first of the week. It is a very nice place where we stay... we bought into a "vacation club" last year before I lost my job... so since we already paid for the club... we might as well use it. They are very nice condos right at the foot of the "mountain" & no, we don't ski... but we had a good time just getting away from the norm. Here is a pic Luke took of an ice formation Boyne City created by running a water hose up a pole & letting it run & form... thought it looked pretty cool... hee hee... sorry about the bad pun!
I have not been doing a lot of creative things lately, but I am getting gift bags ready for our Night Out for Ladies at church... I made new toppers to brighten things up a little. I only had to do an additional 4 dozen to have a totally of 75 ready for Monday night. We have been averaging around 40-50 first-time visitors each month so I better be ready. For any of you that haven't seen these before... we include a emery board, chap stick, candy & a pack of tissues... it is kind of neat how the tissues coordinate with the toppers... leave it to me to notice that.
I might have some news to share tomorrow so I will be back then... thanks for stopping, with a grateFUL HEART, carin

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Anonymous said...

Wow - what an ice formation. I love the gifts for NOFL. You are amazing to come up with such great things. The ladies must be very pleased.