Thursday, February 12, 2009

From the heart (part 4)...

I thought I would share this sweet Valentine I received from my cousin, Kelly, in California... this is her little boy, Aiden... isn't he too cute??? He has such a perfectly round head... no need for hair only fuzz.
From my heart to yours... like I said before the days around Valentines Day have always been some of my favorite/memorable times... mostly good memories... but also a few bad. I use to love it when I could make my Valentine box for school... even back then I loved to play with paper... writing out all the Valentines for everyone in my class... even the kid who ate the glue & chewed on the crayons *Ü*... you know we all had at least one kid in the class that did that! (sorry if that kid was you) Picking out the perfect card for the boy I liked... it had to be one that wasn't too mushy for fear he might figure out I had a crush on him... who wants to face rejection in elementary school??? Then there is the year I was 18... I ended up in the hospital for the week with Salmonella... not a fun time... but I got lots of gifts! *Ü* (of course that was the upside) But my favorite of all happened 19 years ago tonight... my sweet husband (then boyfriend) proposed to me... all the romantic gestures a woman could ask for... nice dinner at his place... a dozen red roses, candlelight, roaring fire... and him down on his knee... I will never forget the words he spoke to me... no, it wasn't your typical "will you marry me?"
Such sweet memories! Hope I haven't bored you with my reminiscing. A verse that I have come across the last couple days is:
"Love flashes fire, the very flame of Jehovah. Many waters cannot quench the flame of love, neither can the floods drown it." Song of Solomon 8:6-7
Now, it's your turn... share a sweet memory with me... I love to hear other people's stories.
with a grateFUL HEART, carin

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning,
Let's see..........about 10 years ago, Bill made plans with Mike, & Henry to take all of their wives out for dinner. It was a group thing, but that was ok because it was something that was a surprise. I also received my first corsage ever from him. I still have it. It is all dried out and dusty sitting in the silver vase that he got me for our 25th anniversary.
Love is wonderful. God is Love. And we are blessed to share that love with all our church family.
Have a great day!
Love Ya, Barb