Friday, February 13, 2009

From the heart (part 5)...

I spent most of the day working on an order for some thank-you cards... I was feeling a little under the weather so it was a good day not to have to move around too much. Here is one of the cards I did... the person ordering was pretty specific... she wanted the color to be purple with a crown on them. It turned out pretty good... she liked them so that is what is important. I used diamond stickles to make the crown look like it had jewels. (can't see it too good in the pic)
From my heart to yours... day 5 already... why do we use the "heart" as the symbol of love?... what is your heart? Have you ever thought about that? What I do know is that it is the most important part of who we are... it is the center of the "real you". You always hear people say, "follow your heart"... many of us have found that is not always the best choice... "the heart wants what the heart wants"... not always good either. How can we know when to follow our heart? This verse in Psalms has the answer... "Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart." Psalms 37:4 This verse rings so true in my life with all the radical changes that have taken place in our marriage in the last year... it is one of my favorites.
with a grateFUL HEART, carin


Steve Ballmer said...

Interesting and well done blog!

Anonymous said...

am enjoying your blog. you mentioned using stickles. i have been searching the internet for the product and wanted your advice on where to buy it at the best price. mary p on primitive seasons featured stickles a while back on one of her cards. i bought the stamp to try and create her card, but didn't know if stickles was available in stores or only on the internet.