Tuesday, January 27, 2009

what's happening...

First things first... last Wed. was my hubby's birthday... I meant to post a Happy Birthday to him but I missed out... so HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY my sweet, sweet hubby!

I have been terrible lately about blogging... I let myself be too busy & then I miss out on posting another day. My parents have been here visiting since Thursday & they went home today... we had a great time... they hadn't been here to stay since August... too much time in between for me... I love them so much... not only that, but I appreciate them too!
While my mom was here we did a little playing with my Cricut Expression... as you can see I cut out some vinyl to decorate my machine... first attempt at vinyl... tuned out OK... love that little birdie... too cute! I realize these boxes I made are nothing too fabulous but I had fun just messing around... after all "it's just paper"! This little heart box is just about the right size for a Hershey's kiss or two... wouldn't you like a little treat for Valentine's Day???
While my parents were visiting I really didn't get too much work done around here... now back to reality... all the FUN that goes with that.
I feel like I need to share something else today... it was something I needed & maybe someone else that reads this needs it also... I came across this devotional today by "accident" it is called This Little Light of Mine and if you click on that link you will be blessed... I guarantee it. As a Christian I know I am always to be a good example of Christ... this just proves that we can have an impact on people that we may not even know about... but God does.
“You are the light of the world. . . . Let your light shine before men.” Matthew 5:14-16
Blessings to you... with a grateFUL HEART, carin

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Anonymous said...

I love the box !!! I really appreciate your things as I am not "crafty" at all. I see your Mom won out on when to go home. I ask when they were and Dad said Monday, Mom said Tuesday. We women can usually stretch it out an extra day. It was great seeing them at church and I loved her QVC coat, (of course I would). I didn't work at the office today as I have a whooping bad cough. Went to the doctor and I have an infection. He took x-rays but nothing showed. I am on two medications plus an inhaler. He thinks I might be a candidate for asthma. Yuck !! But another doctor told me that years ago. We won't see you at church Wednesday as we are going to the dinner in T.C. at the Great Wolf Lodge to pick up the church's award for building excellence. Glad to do it. Have a gr-r-r-eat day. Love you - Sharon P.S. Thursday we are going to G.R. to do some cruise shopping then at night we are going to the Chris Tomlin concert (I bought Doug tickets for Christmas).