Thursday, December 16, 2010

No Hustle and Bustle.

As I was reading Psalm 42, my heart was aching for friends/family. I can see that Satan is really working in places where families are doing good and causing him the most damage.  In verse 9, “I will say unto God my rock, Why have You forgotten me? Why do I mourn because of the oppression of the enemy?”  I can still remember the message I heard, how that Satan’s greatest weapon is discouragement… if he can discourage then he has got us where he wants us.  In those times we may feel so alone, like the verse says, “God, why have You forgotten me?” but it is in those dark times when we have to dig deeper to see His light shining in us.  It is kind of like discouragement pulls the blinds on our heart, those total light-blocking blinds, we need to find something or someone to help pull the blinds up.  When it gets so bad we may not even want to look to God’s Word for the encouragement we need… that is when having great, encouraging people in our lives is so important.  Do I see when someone is discouraged and needs a word of encouragement from me? Am I allowing myself to be led by Holy Spirit to see those moments when my encouragement is needed? Am I willing to do whatever God asks me to do, no matter how uncomfortable I may be?

Christmas prep is still in full motion... it is coming ready or not!!! Spending today with a friend shopping in Traverse City... praying for peace in my heart... no hustle and bustle! Thought I would share a pic of our Christmas tree... it has been up and decorated for almost a week!

with a grateFUL HEART, carin


Anonymous said...

just what i needed today Carin! Borrowed it and put it on my FB. Apparently alot of people needed it today as well!

Love chele

Renee Ondrajka said...

Thanks Carrie,the devil knew I was too happy lately and tried to discourage me with my burnt hand, but God has healed it quickly. God always wins. Love your tree. Pretty as always. Love you!