Sunday, October 12, 2008

seasons of change...

Hi ya... YES, it is Sunday mornin'... it is a beautiful morning... Luke & I are at my parents for the weekend... I woke up this morning to gun shots, yes, I said gun shots... no, my parents don't live in the "inner city"... it actually was duck hunters in the field behind my parents house... it is the rural version of an alarm clock!!!! *Ü*

I went to my sister's (the one that is the SU demo) yesterday & we made some fabulous cards... so I thought I would share one of the Fallish cards with you. We used Pumpkin Pie, Chocolate Chip & More Mustard... kind of sounds like a tasty combo... well maybe not the mustard with pumpkin & chocolate! I love that set, "Seasons of Friendship".

Off to church this morning with my family & then we are going to help my baby sis, Chele, move furniture & stuff into her new house. It is a cute little house & she will be much happier there... well, hopefully she will be.

Gotta go... with a grateFUL heart, carin

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