Tuesday, October 14, 2008

pumpkin patch...

Just wanted to share another card we did at the card making class I took from my SU demo sister over the weekend... I am not one to make Halloween cards but you just gotta love those pumpkins... nice card Na!
Just like so many other people I am not feeling the best... almost a week ago I started with a cough & tightness in my lungs... so I finally went to the Dr. today... sure enough the bronchitis bug got me... at least now I know for sure why I feel so lousy & can't breath... hopefully when the meds kick in I will get some sleep at night. *Ü*

I think I am gonna go lay down... with a grateFUL HEART, carin


Anonymous said...

Get better soon. I love the pumpkin card. I worked at the church office today - it was fun. Hope to see you Wednesday.

Danielsmommy said...

Hey friend.
I hope you're feeling better! I was thinking of you this weekend. Hope we can connect soon!!
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Good Morning,
Sorry to hear that you are under the weather.
The cards are always beautiful.
Hopefully you will be better for church.
Deb should be back home sometime today, her flight came in at 10:30pm.
I am off to Curves this morning, then to do some clean up at church before service tonite.
Love Ya, Barb