Saturday, September 6, 2008

sorting out my saturday...

Good morning! I have been up & at it very early this morning... my hubby started tossing & turning bout 5 a.m. this morning... he was excited about leaving for his fishing trip to Canada & wanted to go into the office to tie up a few loose ends... so that meant I was awake & I decided to get up & bake some cookies for him to take with him. The guy he was going with must have been anticipating the trip also because he showed up an hour early. So...Luke is gone for a few days & I am on my own... oh & BTW, he took our camera with him so I will not be able to take any pics for a few days. I don't like it when he is gone... but I am glad he had the opportunity to go... they are going to a lodge in northern Ontario... it is one of those places where they have to fly from the mainland & land on the water... I don't really like that part of it, but then I am not the one that has to do it! *Ö*

I came across something important on Kelley Holland’s blog (Our Daily Bread Designs owner) regarding "blog candy" & about a dear friend of hers that is having a health issue & could use prayer... please check it out HERE

Since I don't have any "creations" to share with you this morning... I thought I would finish my post with a word about my hubby... he is such a good man... I love him so much!!! And today, like every other day, he is the reason for my grateFUL HEART, carin

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