Sunday, September 7, 2008

Great Sunday...

it was a great Sunday... my day started out with me getting up a little late... oops! When Luke isn't home I sometimes have a problem falling asleep... well once I did fall asleep I slept too good & you know the rest. I needed to be to church by 8:30 a.m... I was just a little late, but the service doesn't start 'til 9 anyway. It was an awesome worship service & a terrific message... our pastor started a series of sermons on Looking Through the Eyes of God... it is about finding God's vision for your life. It is only the 2nd week & it is so good... can't wait until next week!!! I get so excited to see what God has for me if I am just willing to follow. I can honestly say that I have not always felt this way... I have so much more passion for God then I ever have known... it is just so great the work He is doing in me & Luke too!

Once again I am in the Thumb staying with my parents for a couple days... it seemed like a good time to do this... no job, no husband, no problem (yeah right!). Going shopping or whatever with my 2 sisters & my mom & 1 niece tomorrow & dentist appointment on Tuesday... that is about it.

I miss my hubby dearly... sure he is fine... but still miss him! Being here with my family & safe travel is why today I have a grateFUL HEART, carin

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