Saturday, September 20, 2008

Need more UMPH!

It is going to be a busy Saturday... mostly on the road... we get to take a day trip to Traverse City (TC to you local trolls) to go to Sam's Club & a couple other places... we use to go to TC at least once a month, but not so much this summer... things have been a little slower with my lack of job income (no, I am not whining!), but God is making a way. (Thank-You, Lord!)

I don't think there will be any stamping today... I am hoping to stop at Michael's maybe, maybe?? today. Not that I need anything... BTW I am having a Stampin Up party next Saturday at my house, just in case any of you want to drop by drop me a line, I need to save up for that, but it is always nice to look.

You may notice the link to the right here for "FireProof"... it looks like it is going to be an awesome movie... besides Kirk Cameron is still pretty cute... I digress... just think if all couples would work as hard on their marriage as they do on their careers... what would this world be like???? God has called all of us to put our ALL into everything that we do... our marriages shouldn't be any different. Great marriages, good marriages, troubled marriages can always use that extra umph from God... seek it and you will find it!!! Make a date with your spouse to see this movie together... date night & a message that could make your marriage better... what more could you want???

Well, I best get my butt movin' so I am ready to go when hubby gets home. And today, for all of you that are trying to do better... that is why I have a grateFUL HEART, carin

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pink said...

I keep hearing about that movie on the radio and I soooooo want to go! The ads on TV look awesome as well.

Okay, now I'm craving buttered, movie theater, popcorn with lots of butter...that's where my mind went. LOL