Saturday, June 28, 2008

silly thoughts...

I have been a little hesitant to tell people that I had started a blog... the thing is -- I started it mostly for me for a couple reasons: first, I have a dream of someday being "published" (I think this might be the closes I ever get) and second, I have a lot of opinions & to put them down in writing sometimes I think is better than sharing them with everyone in person. (I know my friends thank me for that one!) I guess this morning I am caught up in my thoughts (some silly, some not so silly... you decide)
Do you ever just sit & stare out the window & see God's beauty & wonder why you are where you are in life?????? I know a little deep for a Saturday morning, but I am just feeling so blessed that 3 years ago when my husband & I had the biggest decision to make of our life ... we were willing to take that leap of faith & do what God was asking us to do. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't easy & at times it still isn't easy (being so far from family), but I truly would not change a thing... it has been a path that has been covered in so many tears (on my part not Luke's) that I think the path has been washed-out & we could never take that same path back if we wanted to. The growth that happens in a person's life when they are willing to allow God to do a work in them... and by "growth" I mean spiritually & emotionally not physically (although that has happened too, but that is another story!) Anyway, just think about it... you may be facing a new challenge in your life & not even know it YET! hope this may help.

Yesterday I had some friends ask me to come to Cadillac to scrap with them at the new store, Scrapbook Hut... as I've said before I am a "fake" scraper, but I went mostly for the social aspect... I did finish 1 page in the 4 hours I was there -- WOW! what a page! They "begged" me to come back again today, so I must not have been too distracting for them. I won't mention names, but you know who you are... The one lady is so sweet & soft-spoken... although I think she might have a little "evil side" that doesn't show very often *Ü*. The other lady is one to watch out for... she is outrageously sarcastic with a little caddy thrown in there for good measure... hey, she would fit so well in my family! *Ü*

Got to go & get my day started some more... happy Saturday... and don't forget to have a grateFUL HEART! carin

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Danielsmommy said...

So glad to have stumbled upon your blog. And you should totally introduce me to the "sarcastic/caddy" girl one day.. I'd love to meet her..Hehe!

Hope you had a fabulous day today, sorry I had to cut the scrap time so short! We'll do it again!!!