Wednesday, June 18, 2008

good day to start a blog???

I came across this sort of by accident today and whether it is because I am bored or just have too much time on my hands I decided to start a blog... my sister (who is a stamp demonstrator and also has a blog wanted to know what I would blog about -- my answer "I don't know, but I just think it is a good day to start a blog!?"

So here it goes... right now I am unemployed and so maybe that is why I have too much time on my hands... don't get me wrong I have plenty to do, but who wants to do housework???? I am married and have 3 cats (as you can see by my pic) -- no human kids, just the furry ones that are pretty easy to raise. No, we are not some of those weird "cat people" -- we just were never blessed with any babies... which has been a difficult pill to swallow, but I have so many other things in my life to be grateful for! I try to be grateful for the things I do have and not sad about the things I don't have.

I love to rubber stamp... doing mostly cards, some other little projects and a little scrapbooking -- I enjoy scrapbooking, I'm just not sure if I am very good at it. (By the way, I am a recovering perfectionist too!) I call myself a faux scrapbooker... which in my mind that means I am just pretending I can scrapbook!

I'm not really sure anybody will read my blog, but incase you do -- which I guess you are if you are seeing this? I have a very weird sense of humor... if you knew my family you would understand where that comes from... we tend to look at normal, everyday things in kind of odd ways!!! which makes for loads of fun at family gatherings or even 3-way calls. *Ü* I am the middle child (which explains a whole lot about me!) with one older sis and one younger sis. My parents have been married for 47 years... mostly happy years I think... which is very rare these days... they are both retired now, although my dad keeps busy with his part-time seasonal maintenance job at a private hunting lodge and my mom, she is a collector of "things". My husband, Luke, is a strong, handsome, well-adjusted, gracious, loving man... can you tell I adore him??? Not to be over the top but he is the perfect man... most of the time. Like I said in my profile..."he is my little part of heaven here on earth"... not bad for 18 years together, but then again we never had any kids to suck the life out of us either! *Ö*

Not all my postings will be this long, but since I don't really know what I am I can't guarantee that either! Have a grateFUL HEART!


Renee said...

You sound like a fun, normal person. Oh, if people really knew you. Ok, sometimes you can be fun, except when you are making fun of me or telling me what to do. LOL

Anonymous said...

just wanted to see if I set a email notice up the right way.