Friday, June 20, 2008

This & That!

The weather has finally started to be nice again here in northern Michigan. We had plenty of rain & gloomy days for awhile, but thank goodness not as much rain as some. I feel so bad for the people that have lost so much in the flooding.

I finally got around to doing some stamping. My mom's birthday was on June 4, but we live 140 miles from each other so I hadn't seen her to give her gift to her so I just made her card to give her with her gift since we met Thursday at an in between point for lunch. (Bucilli's in Clare... good pizza!)

So here is the card I made for her... I got the idea from a card I saw on SCS, but I don't remember who did the card... thanks for the inspiration anyway!
It was so nice to have lunch with my mom & sis, Renee, I miss them so much sometimes, but I wouldn't give up our life here in northern Michigan for anything! Never thought I would say that after we moved here just 3 years ago... it was a long, sad and lonely first year, but the one thing I always knew was that Luke and I were right where God wanted us to be! It is times like that that made my trust in Him so much stronger.
With a grateFUL HEART,

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Renee said...

It's nice to know someone misses me. Hey, thanks for the gift card too.