Tuesday, June 24, 2008

God's beauty

I was putting pics from our camera onto the computer... I thought a couple of the pics would be beautiful in a post...

My hubby took this pic the other evening after a thunder storm... it was a double rainbow and it was so huge a pic wouldn't fit it all in. God gives us something to be grateFUL for even after the storms... even the storms of life.

This other pic is a perennial from my garden... I don't know the name of it, but I just love it... it is the coolest plant. It started out last year as a litte green fuzz-ball and now this year it is a huge mound of the softest greenery... when you touch it it feels like moleskin (the fabric not the animal!).
Anyway this is a little of God's beauty here in northern Michigan.
Have a grateFUL HEART! Carin

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Primitive Seasons said...

Hi Carin! Thanks for visitng my blog and your kind comment. What you have is an artemesia or "silver mound." Kep it sheared to a nice mounded shape or divide it every few years and it will stay nice and bushy for you.