Monday, February 7, 2011

Shaken to be stirred up...

Happy Monday! I use to not like Mondays but now it is not such a bad day.  How are you spending your Monday?

I was reading in Acts 16… the account of Paul and Silas being put in jail and how they sang praises to God... in jail singing praises!!!  An earthquake came that freed all the prisoners, but none of them ran away.  I remember learning about this story many times in Sunday School as a child, but my focus was always on Paul and Silas… I saw it was God that caused the earthquake to show His might and make the people see that they needed to let Paul and Silas go.  I now have seen it from a different perspective... I saw it from the point that it really didn’t have so much to do with Paul and Silas but with the jail-keeper.  He needed to be shaken awake to realize what he needed in his life. The bad circumstance that Paul and Silas were in was a way for this jail-keeper and his family to come to know the Lord.

So my question is… when bad things occur in our lives are we only focused on what the bad is or are we looking for how God can make His good out of it??? A hard lesson to learn is that it is not about me… it is all about God… when I say that and surrender to it my heart feels so much lighter… the weight of whatever is going on in my life is lifted. Whatever it takes... all for His glory!

One final thought on this… I can see sometimes Papa shakes me so I can see what He wants me to see and sometimes He shakes me so someone else will see what He wants them to see. Just a thought???

... the jailor rejoiced, having believed in God with all his household. Acts 16:34

I received a SU Big Shot for Christmas from my parents, along with the Bigz Lg. Scalloped Square die. So I have started to create what they call, "rag purses"... I like to call them, "Sassy Saks".

For you that may not know these saks are machine washable and reversible... that is why the 2 pics... the one on the right is the side that I think is a little more whimsical, and after you wash it it will get a more frayed look. You might notice too that I added a pocket on the side for your cell inside and out.

Hope you have a good Monday... with a grateFUL HEART, carin

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Jane said...

Hi, Carin!
It's a good thing to be shaken up for the Lord. :)
Oh, what pretty Sassy Saks! Love your design and fabrics!

I hope you're staying well and busy during this long winter--you most likely have more snow than we do! I keep counting the days until real Spring! God bless!