Monday, October 4, 2010

with much love...

I am sorry it has been so long since I have blogged. I have missed it but I have also let other things stop me from doing it lately... poor utilization of my time. I wish I was better at that. I have been journaling plenty, just not putting my thoughts on here.

Here is a card I did using SU Wings of Friendship, SU border punches (luv those), and swirls embossing folder with the Cuttlebug. The words, "with much love" was stamped with a cheapy dollar stamp I picked up somewhere.

Do you read the Old Testament much? I must admit I have not always appreciated the Old Testament like I should... until recently.  I find the story of Hosea interesting… Hosea is a little book that I really never thought much about. To be totally honest there is much of the Old Testament I never thought much about, sorry to say. I always loved the stories that were told to me in Sunday School, but let’s face it I don’t recall ever learning about the story of Hosea. It really wasn’t until I was preparing a Bible Study schedule for our ladies' ministry at church that I really paid attention to it. Hosea loved and married a woman that couldn’t or wouldn’t be faithful to him. She ran off to the other side where she thought the “grass looked greener”… after many years of living a very unbecoming life, she was all “used up” and those people she thought were her friends really wanted no more to do with her. Her husband, Hosea, came and found her and was willing to take her back and love her unconditionally, no matter what she had done or what other people thought. It taught me that God is our loving Husband, we turn our backs on Him many times, but He is always ready and willing to take us back… all we have to do is turn back to Him.

I see this as a love story…I love love stories, but it breaks my heart when I think about the pain it causes to have someone turn their back on you... even through all that pain you can still give forgiveness to that one that hurt you… throw pain and pride to the side and just forgive! Now, look at the same story from the point of the one that needs forgiveness… how much does my Papa God love me? He will never give up on me even though I may give up on myself… what lovely assurance is that? “I will heal her faithlessness; I will love her freely, for My anger is turned away from her.” Hosea 14:4

See, a love story, like no other love story. Lord, let me walk in Your way, so I don’t have to fall in my own ways. (Hosea 14:9b)

with a grateFUL HEART, carin

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Stephanie M. Page said...

I love Hosea. Have you ever read Redeeming Love? Super cute card!