Monday, March 29, 2010

Thinking of You...

Monday the 29th... only 2 more days left in March... did March go fast for all of you too?  I'm not really complaining... I'm just ready for Spring to be here and stay... praying for a better Spring and Summer than last year here in northern Michigan!

Easter is next Sunday... what kind of Easter plans do you have?  Do you have any family traditions? I was remembering about Easter at the Romain house when I was a kid... Romain is my maiden name... the way I wrote that it sounded like I lived in a half-way house or something... LOL... *Ü*  My mom always went all out for holidays... Easter was no exception.  We always colored dozens of hard-boiled eggs and then Mom and Dad would hide them around the house Saturday night after we went to bed.  (We live in Michigan so there was no outdoor egg hunts at our house.)  Mom always filled Easter baskets with that horrible, static grass and lots of yummy candy... she still makes up Easter treats for us, but usually the candy is in a Lock n Lock... so it is a usable "basket".  Don't get me wrong though, we always knew the true Meaning of Easter, but my mom just wanted to do the extra fun things for us kids too.

"For God made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him." - II Corinthians 5:21

I have a gift box of cards I created to share with you today... I gave this as a present to a precious friend of mine... I hope she thinks of me everytime she uses one of them.

The little flowers in the corner have a lil' stickles for the glitz.
Coordinated the envelopes too!
Then made a box with a clear lid... finished with a tag and a small stickled butterfly and ribbon.

So glad you stopped today... and share some of your Easter thoughts with me.
with a grateFUL HEART, carin


Anonymous said...

Hello Sweets,
I just wanted to Thank You again for the beautiful cards you made for me. It was so much fun spending time together with you girls. We will have to do it again once the weather warms up. Head over to Manistee for a day.
Precious is what you are to me also. You are an amazing woman of God.
Hope everything goes well for you tomorrow. I will keep it lifted up to HIM.
How was your trip to TC? It was a gorgeous day with the sun shining.
Enjoy the rest of today.
See you Wed. nite.
Love Ya, Barb

Just Me said...

Beautiful cards. I love Easter, or Resurrection Day as it is called at my house! I love the joy and excitement that comes with celebrating Jesus being ALIVE! Praise Him! =)

thinker said...

Easter... what a great day of celebration! We'll be heading down to my folks for the day - taking my son's fiancee to see the "farm". Of course, I've promised my kids that I'll set up an Easter egg hunt there for them all - a favourite for them even at age 23, 21, 19 & 17!!! We (the kids & I) were talking the other day and realized that the last 3 years we've done these hunts with a different crowd each year as they invited their college friends to our home for the day. What a great way to make memories! Thanks for allowing me to stroll down memory lane for a bit this morning :)