Thursday, August 13, 2009

Camping Out???

I was at church yesterday "working" as receptionist... not too much to do except answer the phone, so I was blog surfing some.

I had to share with you about the couple that spoke at our church Wed. night... it was Harry & Cheryl Salem. Cheryl was the 1980 Miss America... her maiden name was Prewitt... she is as beautiful today as she was 29 years ago... beautiful inside & out. She overcame so much to be where she is today & she gives God all the glory. They had a tremendous testimony. Really made me think...

One thing they talked about was how we can get stuck at a bad experience & it stops us from moving forward... I have things I don't particularly like in my life, as I am sure we all do... what their message was to me was that I don't have to like everything that happens in my life, but just because I don't like it... I don't have to camp out next to it... disappointment can really be stifling if I let it be... I need to keep moving forward.

Thought it was a good thought to share today I am off to have a little fun playing with paper with some great friends (PFF girls). But first I want to share this card... it is the same as a card a did a few weeks ago only I changed the colors... yes I used some of my Razzleberry Lemonade... yummy DSP.

with a grateFUL HEART, carin


Mari said...

It sounds like a really good message at church. Good thing to pass on!
Have fun today with your friends!

Lovely Linda said...

Hello Carin, I appreciated you sharing about the message you heard at Church - thanks you for that!!

I love your card too, the colours are gorgeous and I have always loved that flower! Well done - thanks for sharing - it is so pretty! God bless you Carin!