Thursday, June 4, 2009


How is your week going? Mine is going really good! Very busy... I am staying with my parents for the week... while actually with my parents & my sister & her husband that are living at my parents since their house fire... it is a very full house, but we have only had a couple bumps in the road so far this week. I love spending time with my family, but I miss my hubby & kitties... I hope they miss me too!?

Like I have said, I am here to help with Brooke's graduation party prep... Mom & I got the napkins stamped yesterday with turtles we also got the molded chocolate turtles put in little treat bags & then stamped toppers for about 100 or so bags. Yes, my sister does go over & above, but she only has 2 daughters & this is her last high school graduation. In case you are wondering about the "turtle" thing... Brooke collects turtles... it goes back to when Brooke was very small, plus there was a movie quite a few years ago that talked about something being "very turtley"... it is my family's weird sense of humor. Oh, I also did a flower arrangement in this ceramic turtle. What do you think?

Today is cake "sculpting" day... yes, I said cake sculpting... my sister, Renee, baked the cake yesterday, now today she is sculpting it into a turtle... she is a professional... don't try this at home *Ü*
Tomorrow I am carving a watermelon into a turtle to use as a fruit bowl... like I said we are a little over the top, but we love to do this kind of stuff... I will post more pictures later... if it turns out good. *ö*
with a grateFUL HEART, carin


edith said...

oh my.... I'd love to see all the turtle decor!!! and I hope the cake sculpting goes well today!!!!

How fun to come together as family to create a wonderful memory for Brooke!!!

DD graduates this weekend also, but alas... there will be no such party as this for her ;)

Grace said...

Oh this sounds like so much fun! My sister and I love doing things like this... I used to be over the top too... though I've backed off a whole lot lately! But when my niece got married two years ago my sister and I were having a blast! Hope to see the cake and watermelon pics too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweets,
Things good here. Fiinally had a warmer sunny day.
I gave your husband a big hug at church last nite. He said he was heading over on Friday.
I can just imagine how much laughter is going on at mom's with all the projects that are going on. Make sure you take pics of the turtle bowl that you cut out. It will be interesting to see.
Are you going to be back for church on Sunday, or on Monday for NOFL?
Bill & I celebrated our 37 yr. anniversary yesterday! We had Ice Cream on Tuesday nite, then I got a new diamond scrabble game and card on Wed., then we headed North on Thurs after work to check out a camp area we used to go to by Lake Ann, over to the Homestead to look up a friend Bill worked with for 30yrs., then off to Traverse for supper(Trout restuarant on the water) and of course a stop at TJ Maxx before heading home.
I will see you when you get back home. Miss You!
Love Ya, Barb

Anonymous said...

What fun you are having and I am loving being in on the preparations. Keep sending more. -Sharon