Friday, April 10, 2009

No Greater Love...

It is another beautiful, sunny day here in northern Michigan! Thank-You, Lord! I don't have a crafty item to share with you today... but I did take a shot of the hyacinth Luke brought me home on Tuesday... aren't they sooooo pretty... you can smell them all over the house... I love spring flowers!

A lil' meditation for today... Good Friday – I’ve often wondered why it is called “Good Friday”—if this is the day Christ died for me…then why is it good??? I’m not sure why it was named that... being the great theologian I am *Ü*... but for me the day that Christ gave up His life brings mixed feelings… on one side I would not have a chance of eternal life in Heaven without this Great Sacrifice…even that statement leads to mixed emotions… good for the sake of my salvation, but so sad that it was my sins that sent Him to that death on the cross. I was reading in John 15… today my thoughts are focused on verse 13:

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."

That verse has always been a mind blowing verse for me… would I be willing to lay my life down for a friend???? As I was thinking on that I had quite the revelation… He was not asking me to just physically lay down my life for my friend, but to spiritually & emotionally lay it all down for Him… I really had to think about that… if someone put a gun to my head & said “deny Christ or die” would I have the strength to die for Him???? I would hope so. On the other hand, everyday I am asked to “die to self”… but how easy is that to do???? Most every day I know I am a total failure at that… since I am not perfect (God knows that *Ü*) He can see I have a desire & a willing heart to lay it all done for Him. And because of His unconditional, unfailing love He gives me an “A” for effort and not an “F” for failure… He made me… He knows I am a work in progress… I am a blessed, priceless child of my Heavenly Father… I am so thankful that He loved me so much to give me a second chance at life by giving up His Son to save me.

Just a thought to share on this "good Friday"... have a blessed day... with an over-flowing, grateFUL HEART, carin

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture and beautiful words from my dear friend. Thank you. I am a little down today as Bethany can not come up, but good news came last night, Wade called and he and his family are coming for the week-end. God has helped my drooping heart. I know she is feeling sad also that she can not come up. Love you - see you Sunday. Sharon