Friday, April 17, 2009

Attitude adjustment...

I can remember when I was a teenager (yes, I can remember... it hasn't been that long ago!) when I would start with that "I know everything, you know nothing" attitude... these were the words I would hear, "you need an attitude adjustment!"

I know even now when I want to do things my own way or do my own thing... the Holy Spirit says to me, "you need an attitude adjustment," okay maybe those aren't the exact words but the meaning is the same. It is amazing how my attitude can change my outlook on things that are going on in my life. On those days when everyone or everything is getting on my last nerve... admit it we all have those days... if I try to handle it myself... what a mess I make out it all... I am hurt or offended, annoyed or frustrated, or maybe all of those at the same time. But if I have prepared my heart with the attitude of Christ even before my last nerve is frayed... what a difference that makes. A verse that comes to mind is:
He must increase, but I must decrease. —John 3:30

We have 3 cats that are our constant companions... you have seen the pic of Mimsey on the sidebar of my blog (she is the baby of the pride)... Schmoo is the old man of the group... then there is Lollipop, she is the poor middle cat... you know the middle child is always misunderstood & picked on (yes, I am the middle child). Well, poor Lolli has an attitude problem... she is a small cat with a big attitude... she is so beautiful, as you can see in her pic... she is so loving & cuddly with me, but she is not usually so thrilled with visitors... she has been known to hiss & spit on occasion. Sometimes she needs an attitude adjustment... just like I do so many times... hey, at least I don't hiss *Ü*

Are you in need of an attitude adjustment? I pray that I can set aside my selfish attitude & have an attitude that pleases God.

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NinaB said...

Greetings from Croatia! I just found your blog thru Diane's and I am always thrilled to find fellow Christian paper crafters who exalt Christ thru their artwork and blog.