Friday, June 7, 2013

She Believed...

Yes, it is me... I know posting 2 days in a row!!! I am on a roll! Speaking of rolls... it is national doughnut day!!! I have been withholding from such things, but how unpatriotic of me not to celebrate!!! *Ü*

I am excited... my hubby and I are walking in Life Walk for CareNet of Cadillac tonight! CareNet is a pregnancy resource center. They do some incredible work to help ladies with unplanned pregnancies and also reach out to the daddies too!  It is about choosing life!

I am not trying to be controversial, but it is my blog and it is my point of view... I came across a post on facebook the other day about people posting things on their facebook page against abortion.  This person said that when people post that stuff it is hurtful to women that have had abortions in their past. Another person commented that it is so judgmental of people to post those things.  I got a little upset by the whole conversation... isn't it my right to post on my facebook page what I believe???  I really had to take a step back and think about it... my flesh wanted to post a comment right then and there, but thank God I didn't.  So I prayed about it instead... I asked God if my motives were wrong in the things I post against abortion.  I was shown my motives were innocent... anything I post against abortion is not about condemnation for someone's past... it is about saving someone's future!  I have never been in the position of an unplanned pregnancy so I cannot judge them!  On the other hand, I believe life is so precious... I will stand up for life and I am sorry if it hurts someone's feelings, but I would rather hurt someone's feelings than keep quiet about the life of a living breathing child!

Ok, on to something a little lighter... I have another card to share with you today:

I love this stamp set from Stampin' UP... yes I realized some of these items are retired, but that is ok... I like them!!! *Ü* A fond farewell to Pretty in Pink!

"Good Feelings" - Wood-mount $25.95 and Clear-mount $18.95
"We love Him because He first loved us." 1 John 4:19

Blessings to you!


ruth said...

I need a book to peek at! :) I want the in colors and that stamp set. :)

I for one am so grateful that some woman in Nebraska or surrounding area back in November of 1966 chose LIFE and adoption over abortion. I am living proof that LIFE is worth it. I pray that she has been blessed abundantly by her choice, as I have been.

Carin said...

Yes, Ruth... I am too! It was about your future... to put a face to it! Thanks! And I will get you a caddy soon!

Barbara Jean Rongey said...

I have a sister waiting for me in heaven because my grandmother and mother chose abortion. God chose my father and my bonus mother too raise me. I am blessed. Sadly grandmother and mother spent most of their lives searching for me, finding me only briefly before their deaths.