Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Walk in light...

Walkin' through Wednesday... first off today was WW weigh-in day... I did have a loss, but I am going to tell you my grand total (so far) at the end of my post today... I know... oh the suspense!
We have a store in Cadillac called Merchandise Outlet... they have some really cool bargains, so I have to limit my visits, but the other day I was in there & came across this really neat yarn, which I used on this card... it was 115 yards for a buck! See what a bargain! Ok, I know I am easily excited by strange things... ah... I find joy in little things. *Ü* So I made this card with mega color... it reminds me of Summer & I am not quite ready to give it up yet... the layout came from a card I saw from Deann Oliver a long time ago. I know it is bright, but it also is happy!

As I was growing up I always had to have a night light on in the hall at night... in fact I still don't like the room to be totally dark... we have a night light in our bathroom just off our bedroom. That was something Luke had to get use to when we got married, but he just wants me to be comfy to sleep so he sacrificed... besides he is a sound sleeper... you could drop a bomb on his head & he wouldn't wake up! So when I came across this verse today... the idea of the light thrills me... I don't ever have to walk in darkness again... through the love of God in Christ He made that my reality... is it yours? I hope so.

"For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light" Ephesians 5:8

Ok, now the total weight loss after 3 weeks is... 5 pounds! May not seem like much to some but I am so happy... think I'll celebrate with a piece of cake! Just kidding!

with a grateFUL HEART, carin


Mari said...

Hooray for the weight loss and the bargain yarn. Cute card too!

Diane said...

Carin, this is an adorable card! Love the bright colors. Congrats on your loss--I MUST start some plan myself. Maybe you will be the encouraging model I need.

Hmmmm....I really sleep better when it's dark! But other than that I LOVE walking in the Light! ;)