Friday, March 6, 2009

YOU Are NOT Forgotten...

Once again it has been awhile... life keeps going on and I've not taken the time to share with my "blogging buddies"... so here is a quick run-down... snow, rain, freezing rain, melting, fridged temperatures (-20 below), went to the Thumb, did my 1st Pampered Chef show (outstanding turnout BTW), came home Sat. night furnace was not working... very, I mean VERY cold in the house (that was one of the below zero nights!), great day at church, furnace got fixed on Monday morning (3rd motor in a new furnace... do you think something is wrong???), getting ready for "Grand Opening" of my Pampered Chef business on Friday, worked on Night Out for Ladies gifts, also did shopping for NOFL, popped a crown off my tooth (cried only for 5 minutes... didn't have anymore time for that), another great Wed. night service, worked/volunteered in church office, went to a new dentist to be "re-crowned" (that is different than a coronation!), had Fireproof Your Marriage class here last night, getting food prepared for tonight, cleaning house, don't have time to be on here... BUT I AM!
Here is a little notebook I created for a birthday gift for NOFL... those little pens are so cute... found them at Walmart... 8 pens for $1.64... is that a bargain or what???? then I just made the tablet to match the colors in the pen... the pens are all different colors... I will share more later. I received the SU "Say It With Scallops" for Christmas... such a cute set!

Only one more thing I wanted to share... the title of today's post... "You Are Not Forgotten"... do you ever have moments, maybe even days when you feel like you are alone & forgotten? My encouragement to you today is that you are not ever forgotten... all the things you have done for the Lord will always be remembered... as a "warrior" you may end up hurt & distraught... but anything done in faith & love will be honored by God... don't let life make you feel insignificant or discouraged... God remembers the good done in His name.

For God is not unrighteous to forget... your labor and the love which you have shown for His name's sake in ministering to the needs of the saints, as you still do. Hebrews 6:10

Hope this speaks to someone today... thanks for stopping... with a grateFUL HEART, carin


Anonymous said...

would like to order 2758 Smooth-Edge Can Opener — $17.50 from you but don't see a way to contact you on your blog. please contact me - Jackie M.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning,
We are at the library this morn before we head out to run some errands, then to lunch before we hit the beach for the afternoon!
We have had beautiful sunny, hot weather for the last few days, thank you Jesus, it is supposed to be warm and sunny until Sunday when some rain may move in.
How did all of your parties go this last weekend?
The notebooks are adorable. Do I still get a birthday bag even if I wasn't there in person for NOFL? lol
Hope everything went well on Monday nite. The time seems to be flying by a little faster now that it has finally warmed up.
Looking foward to seeing everyone. We miss all your smiling faces and Hugs........
See you on March 20.
Love Ya Lots, Barb