Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Award for me????

It has been a busy couple of weeks... I am hoping to get back to regular postings... Marlene gave me this sweet award a few days ago... it is so nice to know somebody is reading my babblings... the very cool thing about Marlene is that she lives in Beijing... I know I am soooo low-tech... but I still find it amazing that I, a country girl from Michigan can have blog friends in China... and what is even cooler than that is that she is a sister in Christ... thank you Marlene for honoring me... her comment about my blog was "she loves to share"... yes, that is true I love to share... probably more than I should sometimes... my initials should be T.M.I. *Ü*

Award "rules":
1. I have to nominate another 5 bloggers that I really love to visit their blog.
2. Put the logo in my blog and link to the person who gave me this award.

Ok here comes my list:
1) Julee at Poetic Artistry -- I know she gets many viewers already but I just think her blog is so heartwarming.
2) Deann at The Little Inker! -- she has great ideas & her blog is so neat.
3) Silvia at Mabie Stampin' -- it is just a wonderful blog... check it out!
4) Becca at Amazing Paper Grace -- I know she probably gets a million awards... but her creations are just too beautiful.

and last, but definitely not least
5) Renee at Rubber Stampin' Ramblings -- yes, she is my sis... but she has a "swell" blog, no, seriously her blog was what inspired me to start mine.

So check out these lovely ladies blogs... with a grateFUL HEART, carin

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Vivienne said...

HI,carin! Thank you for coming to my blog, it is really nice to know you. This place is warm~~full of love. Will come here again!Wish you happy!!