Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas cards...

No, I don't have my Christmas cards done yet... but I was peeking at an ecard site and came across some really beautiful cards... I loved this one with the verse & the snowflakes... so I am sharing this with you today... hope you like it!

Did you all have a nice Thanksgiving??? Ours was great... not too much drama... it is always good when the "drama-meter" is low!!! *Ü*

I have a busy week ahead of me... and once again God is blessing Michigan with lots & lots of beautiful snowflakes... so it will make the going a little more complicated... but I will survive!

I know it is no longer a monday before Thanksgiving but I just have to add something more I am thankful for... I am so thankful for the good family God has given me... especially my parents who did the best job raising me they could (I was a handful at times)... since I am not a parent I don't totally understand why parents still feel responsible for their grown children... but what I do understand is that my parents may not have done the best job teaching us about handling our "treasures" here on earth, but they did a great job of showing us the Way to our "treasures" for eternity... isn't that what is most important anyway??? Thank-you Mom & Dad... I love you!

with a grateFUL HEART, carin

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Kristie said...

thanks for sharing one of the beautiful cards from CrossCards!