Sunday, November 1, 2015

Thankful in the unplanned moments...

I had a moment yesterday as I stood looking out our kitchen window… the quick thought that went through my mind was, “why me?” I know many times people ask that question, but this question for me came from an overflowing heart of gratitude. Instantly, I was reminded in my heart of God’s faithfulness!
November is a great month to share thankfulness (although any day is a great day for that too!) So on this 1st day of November let me say I am so grateFUL for God’s faithfulness!
Every day is a journey… I honestly can say, not too many things in my life have gone the way I have planned! And that is okay! God’s plan is always so much better than I could ever have imagined! That can be difficult to say… it’s not a statement that just rolls easily off my tongue… choosing to follow where He leads is not easy many times!
For example two months ago Luke, my dear hubby, went through a downsizing job loss… out of nowhere, but we believed God would provide. He did. A week later Luke was given a new job… it was not really what he wanted to be doing, but we knew it was what he needed to do, & we had peace about him taking it. He met some great people! And no matter where he is placed it is an opportunity to touch lives! It was an environment where they wanted growth, but didn’t really want any change… you know how well that works. But being the honorable man that he is… he kept on doing his job, trying to make changes where possible.
The last couple months in this transition have been hard… mostly on me, but Luke too. Going from a job where he set his own hours, more or less, to working 5 ½ days a week from 8-5:30 has been quite an adjustment… to say the least! Having the B&B is a joy for us! We had a great summer season, but him being gone so much the last two months has really put a damper on what we could accept for guests. We just knew something would need to change. So not knowing what that means, we started to pray for direction. Little by little Luke has started to receive some direction… not that he has all of the answers. But you know, if you get all the answers then you don’t need to lean on God? Right? We were pretty certain the job Luke was in would be short-lived.
Last Thursday Luke came home around noon… that struck me as strange but didn’t really think too much. I was on the phone when he walked in the door so I finished my conversation & hung-up. I asked him what was going on? And he said the board released him from his job. Wow! The peace that flooded over me was crazy! “So now what?” were the next words that came out of my mouth. Luke’s reply, “we keep doing what we are doing.” Searching for direction from God & following it!
As I write these words… it seems almost “insane” to me! I almost laugh at myself that I am not freaking out! In my flesh, I want to freak! Relying on God… is the only reason I am not! This is discovering joy in life in the not as I have planned moments! Thursday afternoon Luke started working on a plan… a plan that God has laid on his heart. I could see a light light up in Luke with the idea of doing something new… where his gifts would actually be used. It is still just a plan, so we don’t know yet how it will be, but we know God is faithful!
I’m convinced that God, who began this good work in you, will carry it through to completion on the day of Christ Jesus.” ~ Philippians 1:6

From the outside looking in, this may seem a little crazy. That is okay too… you don’t need to understand it! But what we would ask is that you will keep us in your prayers… that we would be so thankful for!

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