Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Prep???

I am not one to rush the whole Christmas season... not because I don't like Christmas... I love Christmas and all that it represents, but I also do not want to rush past the month of giving thanks either! With that being said I am in preparation for 2 Christmas Card classes which are the end of next week... my first attempt at doing a class!!!

For the next few days my hubby and some dear friends will be spending a little time at Boyne Mountain Resort... I have to shut-off my go button and just relax a little! My like is not super stressful, but it is always good to have a change of pace and to not be looking at what needs to be dusted or vacuumed! Know what I mean??? ;)

When I was in the Thumb with family for Thanksgiving my sister, Renee, and I were able to spend an afternoon paper crafting and here is my finished product... a curly paper wreath!

Hope you like it! They are fun and relaxing to do! We had a good time too, thanks, Na!

with a grateFUL HEART, carin

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lynns said...

I love your blog and you! I have mixed feelings about the commercial side of Christmas but I love the Christmas story and hymns. Hope you and your family have a blessed Advent and Christmas.