Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Stirred Not Shaken...

It is 2016! How is your new year going so far?  Just a few days in… I pray it is going good!  This year I found a year ending and a new year beginning to be a little depressing.  Not really sure why… has anyone else felt that way?  I love every moment God gave me in 2015, and I am looking with anticipation to each day He presents before me in 2016.  2015 was a big year for us… lots of good stuff happening… our first summer with the B&B officially opened, my 50th birthday, Luke & my 25th wedding anniversary, my baby sister got married! Those memories & milestones are so precious to me! It was a year of celebration! So what happened to sour the way of thinking about 2015??? Although the past year was not all “cherries and rose petals” but each step I took, I had to keep trusting God, & He brought me through.

The last few years there has been an important word or two that has been significant in my life for that year. Most of the time it took me awhile to catch on that it was a word that was purposely given to me. So this year I decided to pray about a word to live by in 2016… God has stirred up the word, “FAITH,” in me! I know as a follower of Christ that should be a no brainer, right? But it is about going deeper in my faith… God has really been stirring things up in me… stirring is not always the most comfortable feeling, would you agree?  There are so many uncertainties in my life right now, but the one thing that is for certain is my FAITH & God’s faithfulness!

Do you have dreams that you let go long ago?  Has circumstances taken you off course?  Is there a huge “wall” in front of you leaving you feeling defeated?  Have you received a promise from God that has fallen by the wayside in your mind?  Maybe this very moment is the time to pray and ask God if He would stir up that thing in you again.  FYI…Do NOT do it unless you are ready for the stirring to begin! It could be going back to school for your degree… getting married… starting a family… going into business… ???  You know what that thing is for you.

Stirring is a time that will test (grow) your faith… BIG time!  When you are making a cake you put all the ingredients in and then you must stir it to make all those individual items turn into a cake.  I am sure if an egg had feelings it would not be thrilled when it is being whisked into the batter, but stirring is the way to get the end product.  I feel it is kind of the same when God starts stirring.  You may not be thrilled either!  I have said things like, “God, my life is good… I am comfortable right where I am.” Or, “Is my faith really strong enough?”  Or, “I am afraid.”  What God has shown me through this is that He brings these times into our lives to push us to rely on Him more… His strength, His mercy, His grace. 

It says in James 1:2-4 “Consider it pure joy, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”  Stirring… pure joy???  Umm, that may not be your first thought on that, but know that  each step you do take in faith brings more joy.  You will never persevere if you never take the first step!

I challenge you to keep moving forward, but glance back and see all that God has brought you through.  Remembering where you were to where He has brought you is always a faith builder.  Stand up to His stirring in you.  Trust that if He has stirred up something in you He will give you exactly what you need to complete it.  Choose to live in His truth and promises.

Father God, Forgive our unbelief.  I pray that whatever you are stirring up in each one of us would produce the faith we need to let You be BIG in our lives.  I pray the desire of each heart is what You have placed there.  Let the thoughts, dreams, and visions be what You, Heavenly Father, want for us. Shield us from the darts of the enemy… take fear far from us.  Grow our faith as we accomplish what You have set before us.  Praising You for who You are… what You have done and are going to do.  In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

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