Wednesday, August 13, 2014

From Devastated to Dumbfounded...

It has been so long since I wrote a word or two on this blog... I have missed it! My life has taken some BIG turns with lots of twists to boot! The last time I posted on here we were living at a friend's house with our "house" stuff in storage, waiting on God to open the right door for us! He sold our house in Lake City, which moved very quickly once the right buyers came along (that is a whole other blessing!). And the house of our "dreams" we were to close on in early December fell through 2 days before closing! I was so devastated by this, but God was faithful! He had a major miracle up His sleeve, so to speak!

As I play the tape back in my memory it seems so unreal... but that is God... He takes our impossible & makes all things possible! Are you willing to trust Him?

Two days after the closing that never happened, we got back on the proverbial horse & started looking at houses again! It was so hard! Every house that even came close to meeting our needs was... well, to put it bluntly, trash! It felt kind of like the first date after the break-up of a long-term relationship... my heart was just not into it! After looking at the 2nd house that day, this is what I told my dear hubby, "I am done! We have seen everything that comes close to what we are looking for! We just need to take a break! God would have to drop a house from the sky at this point!" Then there was a beep on his phone, he had a voice mail. So as we were sitting at a stop sign he listened to his message. It all still brings me to joyful tears when I think about it! The message was from a builder who was in the process of building a 5 bedroom home just outside of Ludington. Luke, aka DH, had seen the listing online the day before & inquired about it... the day Luke saw it was the first day this man had listed it, which was the day after our failed closing! God is good!

We were near the building site so we decided to stop & take a look. There was snow piled up "sky-high", but we were able to get onto the front porch & peek in the windows. Within 2 seconds I said, "call the man back... we need to see it now!" And 10 minutes later the builder was there to show us this house, which we now call, "HOME."

As we walked away from the house that day the only word I can use is dumbfounded! Luke & I were both in awe & disbelief at how God had laid this house out just the way He knew would fit our needs & then some! Plus, it is on a 10 acre parcel of beautiful, wooded land!

When faced with disappointment, the words of encouragement are, "God has got something better for you! Just wait!"  I have said it myself many times, even to myself... trying to convince myself! Believe it! We cannot see the whole picture, but we can trust the One that created the picture! Don't lose hope! Those dark moments in your life will always be illuminated by the brightness of God's faithfulness! Just hold on! Hold onto Him! His timing is perfect... it is never as quickly as we would like sometimes, but His ways are so much higher than ours!

"Just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so My ways are higher than your ways, & My thoughts are higher than your thoughts." Isaiah 55:9

I look forward to sharing more of this incredible journey with you in the days to come! Hang in there with me as I get back to blogging with a grateFUL HEART!


Trudy said...

Thank you for this hope-filled post, Carin. It encourages me to remember God sees the whole picture and His timing is always perfect. Visiting you from Holley's Coffee for the Heart.

ruth said...

His ways are always better, aren't they? It isn't always easy and we sure can't imagine HOW he will do it, but He always does.

blessed to share the journey of life with you!