Friday, July 26, 2013

The Best Things in Life...

It is Friday!!! It has been a productive week... I stayed home all week! No road running... that is until today! Going with my hubby to Ludington to the county fair! WooHoo! And then to a concert/outreach some friends of ours are doing at "Friday Night Live" in Ludington!

I just had a small melt-down... when those ghosts from your past try to make you feel less than!  I am thankful I have my best friend, aka my hubby, who will listen to me & help me see the truth!  It was a great reminder that I am called to do my assignment... not envy someone else's assignment!  We all have those things we are called to by God... we are all different, so our assignments are all different too! I just need to soak in the place God has me right now! Patience... Preparation... Perseverance... which all is a part of Purpose!

So I will share a card I was inspired to make by a store bought card I got for my birthday:

I am going to spend my day being grateFUL for the best "things" in life that God has placed before me today!

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